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VARIANT 25-150

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variant buildings

  • Alex Fergusen
  • Zurich
  • 151 m2
  • 2015/Setember
  • $2500.00
  • Jason&Perry
  • Variant 25
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Let the sun in

It’s Sunday morning, the smell of fresh coffee drifts through the house and the warm rays of the morning sun flood through the large glass frontage of the wintergarden onto the breakfast table. The ideal place to start a relaxing day by reading your favourite paper.
Sound good? We think so too, and so we have developed a range of different wintergardens for the Variant 25 series houses, which match the style and the layouts. And to make sure the sun stays out when you want it to, we also offer appropriate shading systems on request.


Floor plan

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Optional alternative plan

A wintergarden on the eaves wall of the house extends the living room on the ground floor by around 8 m².

This gives a whole range of new possibilities, for example in
the arrangement of the dining area.

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