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VARIANT 35-173

Way In Building & Civil Construction

Quantom Prefab

variant buildings

  • Carlos Steiger
  • London
  • 586.00 m2
  • 2015/Setember
  • $2000.00
  • Jason&Perry
  • Variant 35
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Deceptively spacious

The Variant 25-135 is an impressive example of how
real feelings of spaciousness can be achieved even on smaller plots. Ingenious planning ensures that these houses are great fun to live in.

The light and airy living, dining and kitchen areas,
a separate pantry and the large bathroom on the top floor offer all the comforts and make this a lovely home for a family of up to four. A utility/plant room on the ground floor means that this design can be built without a basement, saving on building costs.


Floor plan

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Optional alternative plan

A bay window on the eaves wall of the house extends the living room on the ground floor by around 4 m² and brings in additional natural light.

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